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This is a summary of the contributors and the bits and bytes from various places that were used to realize LogAlong

Thank you to all the great people who share their resources on the web. Many of them are offered freely. I really appreciate all the work, the time, the effort, and the creativity that you have invested!

As this is a non-profit page I want to give back at least something by mentioning you here on my credits page.

Thank you, Miguel

Also interested in contributing?

If you just came to the LogAlong webpage and you think you are able and interested in contributing something then I'd be more than happy to hear from you!

Just go to the contact page and contact me.

Other helping hands

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Please notice

Even though I am careful about other peoples' copyrights and publishing policies I can not guarantee perfection. So if you feel that there is something not right then please contact me immediately. I am sure we can sort things out.

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